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Ethernet-APL standard is complete, products are on the way: Two-wire, 10Mbit/s Ethernet for process industries

ByByChris VavraJune 15, 2021
The 10Mbit/s Ethernet-APL standard, a two-wire, intrinsically safe, physical layer for process manufacturing industries, is complete after 3 years of cooperative development among leading standards development organizations and major process…

Introducing digital technology in the workplace

ByByChris VavraJune 15, 2021
When bringing technologies into the workplace, it pays to be realistic. Often, for instance, bringing new digital technology into an organization does not radically improve a firm’s operations. Despite high-level…

Four tips to get your process manufacturing facility off the ground

ByBykgayJune 15, 2021
Facilities that support process operations produce some of the most expensive and complex buildings in the world. And they run the gamut: “Process operations” can range from baking desserts such…

Four tips for calibrating a HART pressure transmitter

ByByChris VavraJune 15, 2021
Pressure transmitters are one of the most common instruments found in a process plant, and the most common type of smart pressure transmitter is a HART transmitter. Whether it is…

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3 Tips for Surviving Your First Year as an Engineering Undergrad

ByByCraig the Rocket ScientistSeptember 4, 2014
Put Title Welcome to college! While many big challenges are still on the horizon, don’t forget how far you’ve come already! Getting into college is not an easy task, so…

3 Reasons Why People Think Engineers are Jerks. And Why They are Wrong

Put Title “People don’t like engineers because engineers are always the ones who bring up all the problems.” When my manager told me this I had to take a moment…

Is This the Helmet of the Future?

ByByChris WalkerAugust 13, 2014
Put Title There seems to have been a lot of engineering innovations in the cycling world over the last year, taking shape in the form of new and inventive products…

3 Ways to Weed Out Shaky Scientific Claims

Put Title We DON’T Live in a sci-fi movie. At least that’s what I had to keep telling myself when researches were unable to find the cause behind a mass-less…

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