Show Us Your Drawers!

I have one of those drawers. You probably have one too. And even if you don’t have one, you know the one I mean. The drawer (or bin, or closet) with old electronics, old storage media, old cables, old connectors, out-of-date this, obsolete that.

Show us your drawers! Treasure or junk, what old tech are you holding on to? An Osborne? A Zip drive? A Newton? DVI cable? We’re not talking about that trusty bench ‘scope you got 30 years ago that you still use occasionally. I’m talking about the stuff you’re keeping for just-in-case. Or just because.

Send us a picture in an email, and we’ll publish the best examples right here below. The subject line has to say…

My precious!

…or we won’t open it. We also insist you use the exclamation point. If you simply must express some individuality, you may add a variable number of S’s at the end of “…precioussss!” Here’s my email address:

Let us know what you’re still clinging to.

Me? Have I used that 3.5mm-jack-to-USB-C adapter in the last 3 years? Yes — once, 3 years ago. Do I anticipate needing it any time soon? No. Might it I need it later? Aha! Maybe. But does it spark joy? Absofreakinglutely, it makes me very happy knowing that if I need it, I have it. Especially if it’s otherwise obsolete and would take me forever to find a replacement. I don’t trust Marie Kondo and never will.

It’s all about the potential for future utility, and that’s why I actually have (full disclosure here) three of those drawers.

A Sansa MP3 player. An early iPod. A cassette player. Microcassettes.

A Sansa MP3 player. An early iPod (I probably still have seven or eight 30-pin plugs for that thing). The cassette player? I still do use it — I have some old cassettes with some embarrassing promos from my old high school radio station that I recently ripped to digital, and I’ve got more audio treasures for similar treatment. I don’t know why I still have some microcassettes — I’m not even sure I ever even had a microcassette player — but, hey, you never know.

Below are some beauties my colleague Sally Ward-Foxton had someplace so accessible — apparently just in case — she was able to send these photos in less than a minute after I brought up the possibility of doing this blog. I thought I was a packrat…

A 28.8 baud modem.

A 28.8 baud modem.

Because you never know when civilization — or at least the global communications network portion of it — might devolve back to the 1990s. And check this baby out:

A JVC portable Mini Disc player.

That, ladies and gentlemen, is a Mini Disc player.

Another colleague, Nitin Dahad, agreed to play, too. He had his stuff readily to hand, too.

Phones for networks that might might not exist anymore.

I think I found someone who might want my microcassettes. See? I knew I kept them for a reason.

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