Top 5 Control Engineering articles April 26 to May 2, 2021

The top 5 most read articles online, from April 26 to May 2, 2021, for Control Engineering covered SCADA master plan frameworks, control system evolution, edge computing, OT cybersecurity and IIoT automation. Links to each article below.

1. Developing a SCADA master plan framework

The best application of the supervisory control and data acquisition system’s components ensure the continuity of a water and wastewater plant’s operational success.

2. Evolution of control systems with artificial intelligence

Cover Story: Can artificial intelligence (AI) prove to be the next evolution of control systems? See three AI controller characteristics and three applications.

3. Edge computing’s importance in Industry 4.0

Edge computing links on-the-floor devices and the cloud and pre-processes data for use. Four common edge computing mistakes are highlighted.

4. Keeping OT environments cybersecure

What can engineers do to protect their processes and plants from cyberattack? Consider these best practices from cybersecurity and manufacturing experts.

5. Let IIoT do the dirty work: automating sewage treatment

Sewage treatment case study tracks early success, including accuracy and reliability.

The list was developed using CFE Media’s web analytics for stories viewed on, April 19-25, 2021, for articles published within the last two months.

Chris Vavra, web content manager, Control Engineering, CFE Media,

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