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Hello and welcome to our DIY project of the day. Today we’re doing a wood project! That’s right, you’ll be making your own wooden vase. We will walk you through the process step-by-step from shaping the wood to cladding it in colorful resin.

First off, we’ll need some chunks of wood, bonus points for you if you go for reclaimed wood for crafting your vase. Then, diminish them with the help of a saw into smaller chunks, get them in a container, and prep the resin mix.

With this one, we used blue and black, but honestly, you can go for anything to your liking. After all, is ready, pour the resin over the chunks of wood in a container and wait until it solidifies.

Once solid, get that crude cylindrical block mounted on a spinner, grab a lathing chisel, and shape it to your liking.

Once you’re content with its outlines, plug it on the other way around and drill down the insides.

After you get a good drill down on its insides, chisel it away manually once more on the insides to give it a more smooth appearance.

To finalize, condition, and varnish to your liking. Voila! There you have it, nice and simple.


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