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Goblets are the pinnacle of human achievement, apart from looking aesthetically pleasing, they are also able to store a plethora of things inside them. So today, in our DIY project, we’re making a wood goblet out of a small pine tree log. Stay tuned.

So, in order to actualize this ornate wood cup, we’ll need some wood DIY equipment, mainly a chisel and a woodturner. To finish the final product, we’ll need some sandpaper, a belt sander, and a bit of varnish. As always, you can find a more in-depth explanation in the link given below and find our equipment recommendations in the link given below.

Get the wood project started by mounting the to-be wood goblet pine log. Once you’re sure the log is stable, have at it with a chisel to start giving its outline.

Once all the bark is gone, stop and check for any impurities. Get rid of anything that may compromise the aesthetics of this fine goblet-to-be.
Throughout this process, we will need several chiseling tools, so make sure each of them is properly sharpened before putting them to work.

Next up, we have some sanding and varnishing to do. Be sure to watch the video to see the intricacies of the whole process!

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