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Hello and welcome to our DIY video of the day. Today, we have something more advanced — albeit more rewarding — for you; we are building a motorcycle. And it’s not just an ordinary motorcycle build; we have an electric motorcycle build on our hands.

For a DIY project of this scale, we will surely need a plethora of equipment and tools. You can always find a list of required components and our recommended picks in the link given below.

Additionally, you can also find an in-depth explanation of each step of this electric vehicle build there!

What’s interesting about this motorcycle build is that it comes at approximately half the price of a regular electric bike you can buy on the market.

It sports a 24 kW (which is about 32 hp) drive train. You can compare its power output to a 300 cc bike. It has a 250 ft-lb max starting torque and weighs about 300 lbs. It has a top speed of 93 mi/h (150 km/h).

Doing some basic math, we can see that this bad boy is quite efficient in mileage per unit of energy. Get building!


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