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The TIE Advanced is an unforgettable symbol of the Imperial Fleet in the Star Wars saga. But what if it could also grill your burgers? Or even act as a fire pit for your next campout? Stick with us here, because, in this DIY project, this famous starfighter can do just about anything.

Using scrap metal – including a water heater, car disc brake, a shock absorber, and a few other materials that would typically be destined for the dump – you can create a grill that’s worthy of the Galactic Empire.

First, you’ll need to gather your materials and make sure you have the right tools on hand, along with some solid safety equipment. After disassembling the water heater, removing the outer coating, and cleaning all of the other materials, DIY-ers can use a disc grinder to shape the scrap metal into the desired shape.

After some heat-resistant aluminum paint, it will begin to resemble the vehicle Darth Vader famously chases Luke Skywalker in his advanced version of a TIE Advanced as Luke attempts to destroy the Death Star.

Remember: be sure to measure twice and cut once. This isn’t something you want to mess up.

Finally, all that’s left to do is fire it up. Although it won’t be shooting any green lasers, this Star Wars grill will surely be the star of your next barbecue.


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