Here is how the Israeli Iron Dome works

Israel deployed a new air defense system to protect its cities and people in 2011. The Iron Dome, developed with Israel Aerospace Industries, is a short-range, ground-to-air defensive weapons system that comes in the shape of an iron dome and blocks 90 percent of objects that come within its range.

It uses radar and Tamir interceptor missiles to track and neutralize incoming objects such as rockets, helicopters, drones, and various forms of artillery (but not ballistic missiles). According to its developers, the system has intercepted thousands of rockets so far.

It consists of three main parts: detection and tracking radar to spot any incoming threats, battle management, and weapon control system, and a missile-firing unit. Do you want to know how these three systems converge to provide the Iron Domes’s impressive capabilities? Our video explains it in great detail.

It is a never-before-seen level of sophistication and collaboration that has resulted in a truly powerful protective weapons system. You can also imagine that such a system would be quite costly, which is also discussed in our video. Make sure to watch so the next time you hear about this system on the news, you know exactly what is being discussed.


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