What would happen if humans disappeared

Have you ever been to a place that is free of humans? A land where humans have stopped meddling with? You can see there how nature has started taking over.

In this video, we answer the question: What would happen if there was an apocalypse and all humans vanished? How would this disaster scenario look? It’s really an end-times situation we are exploring here, and it is fascinating.

The video takes you from one hour after humans have vanished to 100,000,000 years after their disappearance. It starts out with small things such as all fossil fuel-powered plants running out of fuel, causing lights to start to flicker out around the world.

It then goes on to bigger things such as domestic animals sadly dying of dehydration or starvation. Then, 3.5 million tons of garbage goes uncollected and storms wash some of it out to sea.

There are also some good things that happen like new plants and trees helping to remove the CO2 from the atmosphere.

After some years, satellites with dead batteries fall to Earth, largely burning up on re-entry. Forests return to the state they had 10,000 years ago.

Changes keep occurring until the only evidence left proving humans once roamed the Earth are our fossilized bones. Of course, a lot more things happen in between these key events. If you want to find out about all of them, watch our video.


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