Deadly Engineering: the slow process of deming the globe

Engineers are famous for their creativity. They make inventions to make our lives easier. From computers to airplanes, today’s world is full of inventions that set the modern world apart from the past. However, engineering is a vast field and is not only used for the well-being of humans.

Military engineers design various kinds of devices to be used against the enemy in order to defend their country. One of the devices used in the defense industry is landmines. Even after wars are finished, minefields remain deadly and take people’s lives. This makes removing landmines a must.

Landmines are explosive and destructive devices placed under or on the ground. They are intended to kill or disable enemy objectives ranging from soldiers to vehicles as they move over them or pass near them. They work by exploding or releasing fragments at high speeds.

There are two types of mines, anti-personnel mines, and anti-tank mines. Although their basic function is the same, there are some differences. Anti-tank mines, as they are intended to destroy military vehicles like tanks, are bigger in size and possess a larger amount of explosives compared to anti-personnel ones. They also require more pressure to detonate.

Demining process on the other hand aims to defuse landmines with the use of landmine removal machines and demining machines. Today, researchers and engineers are focusing on solving this problem in the cheapest, most efficient way, and with the least number of casualties.

If you are asking yourself questions like “How many landmines are there?” or “How to remove landmines?”, take a look at our video for the answers!


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