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In need of a DIY project with electronics? In want or in need of a novel means of transportation? Then this float wheel project is right up your alley.
Thanks to its advanced components under its skin, this one-wheel build is self-balancing and intuitive to get a grasp on.

As always, you can find detailed instructions and a list of the required equipment and components at the link given below.

Since this one-wheel project comes with its own kit, it will not require a wide range of additional parts. And here are a couple of things that set this float wheel build apart from other DIY one-wheels:

It comes with its own integrated lights, in the front they are white, and at the rear they’re red. There are also a set of lights that indicate the battery level. On both sides of these red lights, there are a couple of extra white ones.

These serve to give you feedback when you’re engaging the footpad. Both sides detect only the pressure on their side.

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