Gas vs electric cars: which is really better?

The development of the electric vehicle over the last few years has given people a new choice when deciding on a car. Indeed, the first thing people wonder about now is whether they could a gas or electric vehicle, or perhaps a hybrid.

The environmental impact of electric vehicles is not the only upside to consider since there are many other stats to think about, such as acceleration, pricing, and fuel efficiency. You may also want to consider what the future of vehicles may be.

In this video, we take a look at all these elements and show you how gas-powered engines perform over electric ones. We also cover the sustainability element.

Indeed electric vehicles are considered cleaner than gasoline ones because they don’t have exhaust systems, and so the vehicle emits no exhaust from a tailpipe. However, you must also consider where their power comes from.

If it comes from burning gas and coal, then the vehicle is not so green. For truly green credentials, the power must come from a renewable energy source such as solar or wind.

As you can see, evaluating which vehicle is better is not a simple question. If you have a hard time deciding for yourself, then watch our video to arm yourself with all the information you could ever need regarding gas vs. electric.


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