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Hello fellow DIYer, we have a whole new woodworking project for you today, we’re building a canoe. Compared to our regular wood projects, this one is likely to take significantly longer to actualize, so beware.

This 15’ cedar strip canoe took its creator 10 months (with some time allocated to other projects as per his account). It’s mainly made of cedar but has walnut and maple pattern strips on it too. The assembled wood canoe is covered with a single layer of 6 oz fiberglass clothing inside and out.

The seats, thwart, and gunwales are all made of American black walnut.
So as with all our projects, you can find the complete list of required equipment, tools, and components in the link given below. Additionally, you will also find in-depth canoe-building instructions.

Given the nature of this project, it will require a more significant commitment both monetarily and time-wise, but you can always settle for the vicarious trip and enjoy watching the video only. Either way, it’s a wild ride: hop on in.


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