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200 years into the industrial revolution and we have factories filled with highly specialized equipment run and maintained by highly specialized workers.

All of this gives us the ability to churn out complex pieces of machinery in a ridiculously short time. Nowadays, it takes a car about 10 to 19 hours along the production line to be assembled.

But what if we wanted to put all this aside and delve into the beautiful and soothing world of woodworking and say, wanted to build a custom bicycle? Sure, compared to a regular bike, a wooden frame bike would take a lot more time, but isn’t it where the magic is at?

Now, for any of this wooden bike build to work, we’re going to require some serious equipment and gear. As always, you can find a complete list of these and the components in the link given below.

Now, scroll back up and get comfy, because we have a wooden bike that’s definitely a feast for the eyes.


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